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Transitioning from Day to Evening 2013: Best Colors, Fabrics, Styles

Our busy lifestyle brings little time for a focus on some of the things that are very important. Top of the list is making the change from every day work wear into the best looks for evening and clubbing. 2013 runway styles has made this a no-brainer, thanks to the incredible variations and choices.


This year, the spring summer collections have introduced an array of hot colors and designs. The top colors of the year include soft pastels and light shades of pink, yellow, green, blue and orange. Color combinations on these base colors abound with the blends of apricot, apple green, lavender, and sky blue. One of the most observed trends is combining the blues and purples in both solid and pattern prints. Other choices include earth tones, exotic East Indian prints and tie dyes.

Fabric selections for a day to night look can start out with silk, voile, chiffon and some of the iridescents and shine fabrics. An incredible look for day can have a touch of lace for that feminine touch, whether overlay or layered. Linen is hot this year, and the newer blends offer a more polished look, with less of the crumple. Champagne tones combined with pale pinks and browns are fantastic for day and are easily switched out for evening with a change of jacket, clutch and shoes.

The key look for the year is a more romantic, draping and fluid appearance. Loose fitting with a shiny or matt texture brings a classic style of glamour and a sensual appeal to the shape. Satin, raised jerseys, silk or satin stretch are excellent choices as they hug the body in all of the right places. The day look is focused on a natural appearance with simplistic styling. Patterns can have a bold geometric to anchor the look and complimented with a variety of layers.

Making the change to evening will depend upon where you will be going. For a night out on the town, whether clubbing or a quick dinner and outing with friends, you can transition your day look with the addition of a glamorous jacket of brocade or highlighted with unique buttons, embroidery or even tassels. If you have more neutral tones for an outfit, use a hot pair of shoes and the matching clutch as the focal point. Loose, almost pajama-like styling is best for pants and jacket. If your evening is leaning more toward the fancy, layers of lace and silk or evening a top with metallic fabrics and embroidered eyelets will give you that romantic look. Dress length is up to you. Most popular this season is the just above the knee, but you can add a dramatic effect with floor length, if paired properly with the right accessories. Color combinations for evening have opened the door to beyond-black. Shades of deep rich blue, white and sky blue in lace and silk or champagne and silver with underlying nude brings a hint of mystery and intrigue.

Making the transition from day to night is all about the planning. Look to your closet, antique jewelry accessories and of course, the shoes and bag that will make your look.


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