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Clothing Wire connects both new and established clothing companies with apparel enthusiasts from around the world.

The Site

  • Clothing Wire was founded in April of 2008 with the initial desire to showcase new and emerging clothing lines to the general public. Since it’s launch, it has further developed into a complete apparel news source to provide information on up-and-coming and established clothing brands, as well as updates on newly released apparel merchandise.

Why Use Clothing Wire?

  • For Up-And-Coming Clothing Lines: Clothing Wire serves as the initial push to portraying and publicizing your line. Showcase what your line is all about, and feature pictures of your apparel on our page. By using Clothing Wire, you can exhibit your clothing line to a targeted audience focused on fashion and apparel. Long term, Clothing Wire serves as a way for you to highlight future merchandise releases, as well as keep readers updated on news regarding your line.
  • For Already Established Lines: Clothing Wire serves as a way for you to continually update clothing enthusiasts with news regarding your line, provide information on future merchandise releases, and offer any discounts or specials. Not only will you be providing updates to those already familiar with your brand, but you will also be exposing your line to new people on a regular basis.
  • For Clothing Wire Readers: Clothing Wire serves as your connection to the world of apparel. By showcasing up-and-coming clothing lines, and keeping you up to date on news from established brands, you will be able to engage yourself in a community with other clothing enthusiasts. In addition, you will get the latest scoop on apparel news, discover new clothing brands, be informed on new merchandise releases, and receive discounts from various lines.