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Clothing Wire is a unique website which helps connect clothing brands with apparel enthusiasts. Our site is visited by thousands of people every month, receiving over 50,000 page views.  We serve as a platform for both companies and individuals, to showcase new brands, apparel releases, events, special discounts, and much more. By promoting your brand on Clothing Wire, your clothing will be showcased to a large number of people with a genuine interest in fashion and the apparel industry.


Due to the high volume of submissions we cannot guarantee your submission will be listed. At the moment we are receiving so many emails that unless you have spent time writing a good brand or product profile its unlikely to get posted.

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Yes you read right! If you want to send us some of your products for us to review - you will get an HONEST and detailed post review with a mention of your website. Everyone loves a freebie and we do very much! If you want our office address you can contact us. Shoe size: 9.5 US / 9 UK / 42.5 Europe Tshirts, Hoddies and Tops - Medium / Large Small Trousers and Pants 32 inches We also love accessories, bags and more :-) As a note, our analytics show that more time is spent reading a blog post written by us than the standard press releases that get posted.

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For just $25 we ensure your submission is priority listed within 24 hours, plus your news will be featured on the front page of our site for a month for maximum exposure! (and will of course remain on the site thereafter)

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