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The Boho Look and Colors of 2013

There are secrets to the best styling for that bohemian look. When done right, you can be a stunning success, but when done wrong, you can look like a car wreck. Don’t get discouraged, even some of the celebrities seem to do it badly. This year brings a whole new attitude and appeal and with the right guidelines, you can achieve the look that you want.

boho The first thing you need to remember with a boho look, is that too many layers creates disaster. As with everything, keep it simple. Find a single piece to your outfit that will be an anchor for the eyes. This can be a dazzling top, a piece of antique jewelry or a headband ornament. Work everything else around that in a more subtle way. An example might be some of the hot colors for this year: a long flowing skirt of sizzling burnt orange paired with a champagne top and black belt. Keep the top style simple, because all eyes will be on the movement and color of the skirt. If you have a pattern skirt, make sure the top is solid tone of complimenting color. You can add a bit of sizzle with a strapless top and simple antique jewelry.

Another hot look includes long feathered earrings that coordinate with the outfit. Turquoise, browns and earth tones bring the nature girl feature to the forefront. With this earring style, you don’t need to have any other jewelry, because the look will make your outfit pop.

Nothing says boho like the exotic looks of East India. The latest fashion styles include brilliant colors and patterns from tangerine to a red, white and black combination. Silks and brocades with incredible detailing can be the focus of the outfit, surrounded by sultry flowing tops and skirts. Capes, shrouds and covers are now being used in fantastic shades to highlight the neutral tone outfit.

We are not only accepting other cultures, but we are freely embracing the beauty and luxury of designs and fashion from around the world. Egyptian colors in browns, greens and blues and invading the runway as are the influence of the African tribal look. These are both perfect venues for boho creativity with layers of cotton and silk blends in cream, mud-tone, copper and bronze.

The traditional hippy boho remains a classic, with loose fitting tops, notched tight waistlines and long flowing skirts. This year you can use a bold mix of colors for either and even add your favorite pair of jeans. The addition of jewelry needs to be paired carefully so that you don’t over-do the look.

Fabric choices abound for today’s boho chic appeal. The newer mixes in linens, cottons and silks offer an incredible array of choices. Whether you are a work warrior with animal skin look, choose a more feminine appearance with a touch of frills or want a mother nature appeal, you can select the fabrics that stand up to your active lifestyle and make your own statement of who you are.



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