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EmbraceTheCulture was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 2006 by Creative Director Rosco Flevo. The company crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 and is now settled in Orlando, Florida. As founders and employees of EmbraceTheCulture, we have brought together a collective of individuals with different backgrounds, life experiences, and skill sets; allowing us to leverage our combined knowledge and creativity to start a movement and spread a message we feel people need to hear.

The inspiration for ETC has its roots in European culture. Much of the design work comes from the time Rosco spent living in Germany. The clothing is based on European style, art, philosophy, and books. All of his design work is layered with meaning and depth. We look at our style of clothing as being a constant evolution. We currently sell graphic t-shirts but there is great diversity within that style. The STATEMENTS line incorporates bold messages and features stylish typography meant to catch your eye and make a statement. The TRUTH line is a clash between geometric shapes and organic lines to represent a more forward looking style. The CURRENCY line is due out in three weeks around Oct 25th and features layered, ambiguous word plays based on world currencies as a follow-up to STATEMENTS.

There is more behind our brand than just the designs. We are creating an environment of sharing and collaboration with the idea that if people work together harmoniously, the end result is often far more fruitful than otherwise. We have a philosophy to “MAKE WOWS”. There is a line separating fashion and lifestyle that we have blurred. We are not a genre-driven brand and have found that many of our pieces have a sense of agelessness. Our global reach, our stance, and our tone have helped us create more than just brand. ETC is a lifestyle.

THERE IS A MOVEMENT! Are you a part of the culture?



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  1. Taylor Goodall
    10. Oct, 2010 at 3:41 pm #

    sweet, love the message! love the collaboration work. Bravo!


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