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KnewVoyce Brand Profile have recently recieved many excellent styled Tees with brand messages that are important to society – here is another great one!

PR from KnewVoyce

Formed in the summer of 2009 KnewVoyce was born to create a piercing stream of knowledge that would forever impact the world. In addition to our spread of reality we strive to satisfy our customers with our freshest taste of style. It is something youve never seen before, something you dream about and forget but remember when you see our clothing; an inspiration to do something new, to live beyond life, and to laugh without a breath.

It isnt about wearing clothes; its about saying what you think with the clothes you wear. Its not about spending your weeks paycheck on a shirt with a six letter block word on it but feeling good about how many people will look at you different because of what you bring to the world.

Creativity and Imagination is the main focus in life, not technology, not money; let your mind be free
KnewVoyce is the Voyce of Art, let them sound a symphony of Art, let them be heard through paint not war, Knowledge will set you free.

We are KnewVoyce
The Voyce of the Voyceless



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