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Brand Profile: Koan Clothing

Koan Clothing is a new street-wear brand whose goal is to produce wearable artwork that not only has a strong visual impact, but a positive impact on the local community as well. Koan Clothing will include collaborations with some of the world’s top artists to create unique limited-edition designs, each t-shirt being the visual manifestations of their own self-made koans.

The word “Koan” is in reference to the Zen Buddhist practice of a teacher presenting his student with a paradox to contemplate. No paradox, or “Koan”, has one correct answer. Instead it is meant to elicit a meditation that challenges an individual’s awareness of their thoughts and perception of the world.

Koan intends to keep with their philosophy and donate a portion of their profits to local San Francisco non-profit organizations. This year Koan gives to Youth Uprising in Oakland, CA. Youth Uprising is housed in a 25,000 sq. ft. state of the art building and offers a wide range of programs and services that develop youth leadership in order to transform the community.

To promote their launch, Koan Clothing is offering a $6-off promotion. Check out their website at

Koan Clothing line sheet

Koan Clothing promotion

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