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Brand Profile: SPRFKR

SPRFKR was started by Marco Antonio Rached in 2003. Based out of Rialto, CA (Inland Empire/Los Angeles). As a child, Marco began drawing ninja turtles during class instead of listening to his teachers. His naughty habit of doodling and reading comics during karate practice eventually developed into a vice, now called Superfucker. After years of creating images and ideas on paper, the illustrations ended up on t-shirts.

“It’s always difficult to tell where the art ends and the shirt begins, since both now so strongly influence each other. Reminiscent of the first orgasmic experience of a fifteen-year-old boy, Superfucker art and clothing always reflects the imaginative fantasies of a kid who’d rather watch horror movies than pornos.”

-Marco Rached

To get more information on SUPRFUKR, visit their online webstore, blog, and flickr album. Here is just a small sample of their apparel.

SPRFKR apparel

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