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FLIPNY Clothing Corporation Introductory Discount

FLIPNY Clothing Corporation would like to extend a special introductory discount to all our Clothing Wire readers, as a small token of appreciation for supporting them.

“After three long years, we are finally read to introduce FLIPNY Clothing Corporation.

Why did it take so long? Well, we canvassed New York for designers who gave their souls to this city – people who embody the unique cultural energy of this urban utopia.

We have perfected a special treated 100% cotton textile that embraces your body with a feel and fit that your skin has never had the pleasure of knowing.

We have crossed the T’s and dotted our I’s while writing the story of FLIPNY Clothing Corporation – A company that takes the aura of this great city, bottles it up, and pours it on to apparel. That is our gift to the rest of the world!”

-FLIPNY Clothing Corporation

Until Valentine’s Day, you can receive an introductory 30% off discount at FLIPNY’s on-line store front. Simply use the coupon code “ffvday09” when checking out, and your discount will be applied. As the company continues to grow, there will be plenty more perks to come. So, stay tuned! Thanks FLIPNY!

FLIPNY Introductory Discount flyer

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