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Clothing Wire Progress Update #2

Today Sunday, May 18th, is another break from regular postings, so I can provide our readers with updates on how Clothing Wire is progressing. As of yesterday, our total views for the month of May so far, have surpassed 2,073. This brings us to a total of 3,752 unique visits for Clothing Wire’s first 38 days running, which is incredible awesome. In addition, we have published 110 posts, and featured 76 clothing brands so far!

Updates that have been made to the website:

-Brand profiles are now able to be viewed from the “Brands” page. Simply click on the word “Profile” listed next to the company you want to view.

-RSS Subscriber Feed is now hosted by FeedBurner, which makes it even more easier to receive content updates. Simply click the “Subscribe to Our Rss Feed” link at the top right corner of the page to subscribe. In addition, you can also subscribe to receive updates via Email.

-Archives page has been changed so that you can view monthly posts in a drop-down style menu. This will allow you to navigate to specific posts easier.

-Comments can now be edited within five minutes of submitting them. This will allow you to edit any typos that might have occured.

Features coming in near future:

-Along with the “Recent Posts” menu in the sidebar, we will also be creating a “Most Recently Commented” menu, to be able to view the posts which have been commented recently by our readers. This will help to reward those who actively participate with the website.

-More surprises!

Clothing Wire wants to hear from you!

As you know, Clothing Wire strives to connect clothing brands with apparel enthusiasts. We are continually looking to expand growth on our website, by incorporating unique and exciting features for people to use. If you have an idea to help people discover new apparel on a regular basis, and connect with other people who love clothing, let us know! We’re here to work for you! Shoot us an email to: [email protected]

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