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Brand Profile: Dead Metal Clothing

Dead Metal Clothing logo

Dead Metal Clothing is a brand featuring designs by Godmachine, an artist/apparel designer based out of the UK. Founded in South Wales, this year-old company has already established a name for themselves, by producing apparel for people wanting something a tad different, as well as a bit strange. Although it may sound cliche, Dead Metal Clothing appeals to a wide genre of people – from skaters and bikers, to tattooists, and musicians. In this sense, Godmachine designs are quite open to many styles and influences, and it definitely shows in the apparel they produce.

Godmachine has been designing apparel for various companies over the years. At one point during his career, he noticed that many of these companies were playing it safe, following trends, and not taking any risks. This realization helped to fuel the fire, for the birth of Dead Metal Clothing.

To get more information on Dead Metal Clothing, visit their website at You can also head on over to their myspace, blog, and online webstore.

Dead Metal Clothing shirt Dead Metal Clothing shirt
Dead Metal Clothing shirt Dead Metal Clothing shirt

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