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Brand Profile: Music And Sons

Music and Sons banner

Music and Sons is a project that integrates fashion, music, new trends, and technology. The idea was born while walking around town, observing how many different people were traveling with their MP3 player in their hands, with loose earphone cables dangling. Music and Sons was created to find a way to “wear music” and to “take it” with you easily, without flying cables and occupying hands.

Different from other “iPOD-oriented” shirts, Music and Sons’ apparel have a street-style Italian design, and are not just used for sports. A hidden, waterproof wire has been integrated into the garment, on the back of the collar where earphones can be connected. The wire than travels down through the side into a pocket, where the MP3 player is supported. This is a special thread that is washable, invisible from the outside, and doesn’t change comfort/wearability.

To get more information on Music and Sons’ full line of apparel, visit their website at:, myspace at:, and their online webstore. You can also view their full Classic collection catalogue by clicking here.

Music and Sons shirt Music and Sons shirt
Music and Sons shirt Music and Sons shirt

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  1. Jonathan
    18. May, 2008 at 2:55 pm #

    An interesting concept i’ve never seen before. Props for the nice designs too. Keep it up!

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