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We recently recieved a rather amusing opening line email from the guys at

First and foremost i’d like to point out that i am NOT a robot sending out spam emails. I am in fact a human from Manchester in the north of England by the name of Eddie Sadowski, designer and proprietor of a small independent line & store. I’ve found your site as a great resource for the good stuff out there with some quality pointers and thought you may be interested in what’s going on over at Socialfabrik.

I’d in particular like to direct you to our new tees which feature ‘The Thug’, an iconic figure from the NYPD shooting galleries that every NYPD officer has shot at since the early 1960’s. We’ve all seen him in the movies & those cop shows, now he’s walking the streets!

Socialfabrik is still a fledgling brand but once we get going the idea is that the store will be an art gallery for limited edition art prints and the t-shirts will be the canvas.
We hope to take street art from the city walls and onto the public themselves.

We love the designs and hope you do to! Good luck with gallery!


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