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The Glory of the Graphic Tee

Fashion speaks volumes- and not only when the graphic tee you’re wearing literally has words emblazoned on it. The clothes you choose are a statement and express a facet of your identity to the world before you open your mouth and speak for yourself.

A lot can be expressed by your clothing choices (example: choosing to wear a tennis sweater draped across your shoulders tells the world that you are either on the way to the country club or just leaving it, while wearing denim overalls tells that you are either on your way to milk the cows or have just finished plowing the fields). Over the years, through the development of new forms of technology, anthropological reviews of past civilizations and advances in the field of science, a decisive and significant conclusion has been drawn: tee shirts are effective ways of displaying your personality.

It’s one of the most simple and effective mediums of fashion used to express what’s going on in the deepest recesses of your mind. Tee shirts are the way that people express their cultural capital. The person wearing a Star Wars tee, or a Velvet Underground band tee is wearing it for two reasons: partially because they like these things, and partially cause they want the world to know that they like these things.

Expressing your cultural capital, or demonstrating how awesome you are for appreciating certain things, is half the appeal of graphic tees. If this weren’t the case, people would happily watch Star Wars and listen to their favorite indie bands in private, while wearing basic tees out in public.

Wearing these graphic tees by Scott Free allow you to act in the same respect. Wearing a t-shirt of Johnny Cash pulling the finger to the world shows your badass, and that you have exceptional cultural capital by liking Johnny Cash. You’re then compared to the other people wearing their plain and simple V-necks, who very well might love listening to Miley Cyrus for all you know since their T-shirt provides no indication of their own cultural capital.

As you wear your Marilyn Monroe graphic tee, or your Andy Warhol-inspired Elvis one, you’re once again showing the world the extent of your pop-culture knowledge and of your culture. You’re making a bold statement that sets you apart from the others around you and marks you as an individual- until someone else walks by wearing the same tee, that is.

Your graphic tees demonstrate your culture and personality. Who knew simple, printed fabric could have so much to say?

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