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Confound Clothing

Confound is the creation of Dean Claydon, James Hayday and John Greene. Meeting in high school back home in Essex, the three featured in multiple bands together before all moving on to university. Now either graduates or entering their final year, time is dedicated to conceptualising and producing clothing that they feel is missing from the market. Constantly thinking of new designs, our collaborations with designers ensure that Confound is a real team effort.

Recognising their market as nothing less than competitive, the three boysbehind Confound are striving to stand out from the crowd. Having previously united their creativity through music, the calls of higher education conspired to move them to opposite ends of the country. However, whilst the logistics of band practice were complicated, the desire to work together in the creation of something big remained simple. Born from this desire was Confound, a clothing company where the sky is the limit…

Working through telephones, emails, and a certain popular social networking site, the first Confound line was actually prepared with minimal personal interaction. But don’t let this fool you into thinking this is a time filler that has been thrown together with little thought. Time is taken with every decision in a bid to provide you with the best clothes possible, and thus make Confound the best company possible.…

Confound The Critics… Confound Your Friends…


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