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Introducing Inchwear

Inchwear is an apparel company that sells, at retail, T-shirts, underwear, headwear, and swimwear. The company is designed for the self-confident male to humorously promote their manhood. Each product will either contain a number or phrase for the purposes of self-expression.

The purpose of the company is for guys to wear apparel who crave attention from their circles of relationships. Our goal is to erase wonder from the world. Let everyone discover how you really measure up! You will get attention, and yes sometimes that attention will not be good.

Some spectators will shake their heads in disbelief. Others will laugh…with you of course. Some members of authority will punish you for wearing such apparel. It’s all- good. Time to size-up! Let them know where you hang…I mean stand, and be proud! You are a man. Real men show their size!


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