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Damon Johnson’s Collection – Royal Crush

Sneak Attack Media in NY recently contacted Clothing Wire to introduce us to a new designer they’re working with named Damon Johnson. His new collection Royal Crush features iconic images from h is art on slim fitting tees.

Johnson’s work has been described as urban surrealism; a melting pot of influences and art movements. His work combines pop culture references to graffiti, comics, tattoo art and skate graphics with traditional art movements including abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism, op-art and surrealism. You can find some of his paintings in the permanent collection of the Patterson, Hamilton, and Chelsea Art Museums.

Johnson found over time that he wanted his art to be more accessible and has begun working on a new format…clothing. The term wearable art gets passed around quite a bit, but with Johnson’s line Royal Crush, it really holds true. Every symbol is a recurring image in his paintings, each representing a different time in his life.

Check out a couple of his tee designs below, and stay tuned for more updates on Damon Johnson’s work.

Royal Crush tee

Royal Crush tee

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