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Brand Profile: 1NE BRAND

1NE BRAND logo

1NE BRAND, founded by Keisa Manning out of Atlanta, GA, is an innovative approach to apparel and other “life essentials”. The core concept of 1NE BRAND is the notion that creative inspiration is universal and boundless. All 1NE BRAND items are researched, tried, and then ultimately approved by a panel of creative professionals and everyday individuals from all walks of life. If an item makes it through the approval process and is deemed a suitable “1NE BRAND Essential”, it is then fitted with the official 1NE BRAND logo and made available for purchase. This unique approach to apparel, etc. allows 1NE BRAND to pull great items from the past, present and future, remaining ever timeless.

The initial 1NE BRAND product offerings are a line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. all bearing 1NE BRAND-approved designs and logos. In addition, 1NE BRAND also offers concept-driven “Campaign Apparel” which allows customers to support causes through the purchase of their merchandise.

For more info on 1NE BRAND and to check out their full range of apparel, visit:

1NE BRAND apparel

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