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Brand Profile: Uranus Apparel

Miami-based Uranus Apparel, a new eco-friendly company formed by two college students, is launching its first line of soy underwear for women under the brand name Uranus™. The underwear are boyshort-style and have been appropriately coined “soyshirts”.

“The idea for Uranus Apparel has developed by two University of Florida students, who sought to create a product that would promote sustainability with a sense of humor. Despite the funny name, the company is seriously committed to utilizing soy as a more sustainable alternative to cotton fiber” said Natalie San Andres, company co-founder.

Soy is a fantastic alternative fabric choice because it is manufactured from the by-products of soy food production like tofu and soybean oil. This process uses materials that would otherwise be considered waste, thus “closing the loop” on soy. Besides contributing to a more sustainable planet, soy fabric is also extremely soft and comfortable, often being compared to silk or cashmere. It is also more durable and dries more quickly than cotton.

Uranus Apparel soyshorts are sold in sets of three – one pair natural beige, one pair moss green, and one pair black. The underwear come packaged in a burlap drawstring pouch that is both reusable and 100% biodegradable. The set can be purchased on the company’s website or through Amazon. The founders are exploring additional marketing venues.

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