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Brand Profile: (echo)witness

(echo)witness logo

(echo)witness of Nashville, TN announces the debut of their new apparel line. The initial collection consists of a limited selection of t-shirts with a focus on their brand philosophy. (echo)witness, also known as (e)w, has plans to grow and expand into other items of clothing and hard goods. In addition to the apparel line, the (echo)witness family plans to build a community around the concept of witnessing and appreciating ideas. Using these methods and channels, (echo)witness aims to not only be as commercially successful as the biggest media business, food chains and casino resorts in the world, it also aims to be socially relevant.

About (echo)witness:

“(echo)witness believes that knowledge is the remembering of things we have always known. Therefore, we must appreciate and acknowledge the ideas that are given to us by the thinkers, knowers and creaters of the world. Our job as human observers is to give these ideas back to humanity, with our own mark upon them.”

As evidenced by their company logo, (echo)witness challenges the community at large, to pay attention to the world around them and appreciate ideas therein. Wonder. Understand. Re-distribute.

To get more info on (echo)witness, visit their website at:

Note: Use discount code “champion” at their online webstore to get 15% off all apparel!

(echo)witness apparel (echo)witness apparel
(echo)witness apparel (echo)witness apparel

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