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LUDWIG x Inspirit “Enjoy Choke” Collaboration Tee

Recently, LUDWIG and Japanese brand Inspirit collaborated on a very special shirt titled “Enjoy Choke”. Inspirit is one of the most respected MMA brands by pro-fighters and fans alike. The company has been side-by-side with Shooto in Japan for over 14 years, and has a real heritage in the sport of Shooto and MMA.

This project is the culmination of many long talks with Shooto and MMA fighter Rumina Sato, sponsored by Inspirit, about a collaboration between the two brands. The graphic is actually a reprint of the very first t-shirt produced by LUDWIG in October 2007, for Creative Director Mike Dytri’s circle of friends, training partners, and fighters that he trained with that the “rAw Gym”. The concept for this shirt was born out of getting choked out by the great Gene Lebell.

LUDWIG will be printing a limited number of these tees and they will be available through the LUDWIG online shop and some select shops in Japan. The graphic features Beethoven doing a rear naked choke (or a figure four) as well as the LUDWIG and Inspirit logos. Also featured is the Inspirit neck label and LUDWIG woven label sewn into the front. It is available only in Black.

For more info, visit LUDWIG’s website at:

LUDWIG x Inspirit

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