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Brand Profile: Graphiq Nachure Clothing

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Graphiq Nachure Clothing was founded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2007. Operated by Zach Platt (owner), Kevin Bethea (co-owner), and Tyrell Roberts (endoresement/music industry producer), Graphiq Nachure is a concept and idea that rose from the many different perspectives gathered from life in an urban landscape. Everyday life is an inspiration in the design of their products, and it is their aim to illuminate aspects of life that are over-looked and misread in the eyes of people. For the majority, Team Nachure is located and operates in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but has representatives in most major Northeastern cities. In order for their designs to have versatility, the brand felt that their ideas had to come from a number of talented people including artists (commercial and freelance), musicians, music producers, video producers, and advertisers.

“Graphiq Nachure, is not just a form of expression, it is a way of life. “You were you”, is the tell tale description, of what we here at Graphiq Nachure focus on. Of the many ways you can choose to represent yourself, we believe that clothing not only has the ability to portray your personal preference and style, it is also to convey a much larger message as a whole. Graphiq Nachure was designed to inspire those who feel passionate towards life and their own sense of being. The company was born on this premise; therefore, it is our moral obligation to convey it. It is our intention, to connect style, with intelligence, which generates a theme of personal achievements and progression. Our inspiration is drawn from you, the people. Adapting to Nachure isn’t just an aspect of life; it is a form of expression through existence. So, to those who keep it YouNique, Original, Fresh… roll with Nachure, without getting your shoes dirty.”

-Graphiq Nachure Mission Statement

Graphiq Nachure Clothing’s target market (audience) is directed towards the youth, more-so a crossover brand for all walks of life. As stated in the mission, their influence comes from all people. The company was started as a collective idea and evolved into actual design and product. Since then, through online networks such as facebook, Graphiq Nachure’s market has grown substantially. The company’s apparel is of the highest quality material (high-thread counts), both Screenprints and digital print. In addition, they work with designers both nationally and internationally to diversify their creations.

For more info on Graphiq Nachure Clothing, visit their website at: (currently under construction).

Feel free to also check out their blog, myspace, and twitter. Their online store will be available in 2 weeks. For the current time, their products can be purchased through myspace or through personal contact etc. while the website construction completes.

Additional Contact Information:
Zach Platt
(717) 645 – 5858

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