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Brand Profile: Unscripted

Unscripted is a streetwear company founded in 2008 whose main focus is to raise awareness through their clean, iconic designs. Based out of Carlsbad, CA, the brand believes that their “fresh thread” products can raise awareness and allow them to connect with people of all ages worldwide. The awareness in each of the designs are subtle and are meant to provoke attention, and thus questions from the public. Some of the causes include: Peace in Darfur, human trafficking, conflict “blood” diamonds, deforestation, and gang violence. Every season, Unscripted also produces limited edition designs where 100% of the profits go directly to the respectable charitable organizations.

Unscripted is currently working on their second production run for the ’09 Holiday season. They will be adding some cut and sew wovens and jackets to the line, along with fresh new tees. In addition, the company is working on collaborations with several emerging artists as part of their Emerging Artists Program.

For more information on Unscripted, visit their website at:

You can also follow them via myspace, twitter, and facebook.

Below is a small sample of designs from their men’s collection:

Unscripted Men's tees

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