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ShirtFight Weekly Update

The winner of ShirtFight’s $500 4/23 Shirt Fight “Shirts of the Future” is “Moonjelly” with his shirt “Imitation of Life.” It will be on sale this week for only $15 (6 bucks off regular price).

The handpicked Top 10 heavyweights for 4/23 can be found here.

The new $500 Shirt Fight theme for this week is “Black, White, & ????”.
We thought that since last week’s Shirt Fight was about a certain theme, we would switch gears a bit and make this Shirt Fight about certain colors…or should I say, LACK of colors! We’re going Black and White here gang…black ink, white ink, black shirts, white shirts. That’s it…or is it? Ok let’s do a bit of a twist, shall we? Life in just black & white would be too dull…so you get to also use ONE accent color of your choice! You don’t have to use an accent color…if you wanna go pure black and white that’s quite alright with us! The rules for this week are simple…1) You can only design on a black or white shirt 2) You can only use black ink, white ink, and ONE accent color of your choice! And yes, you can do black on black (or white on white, but that’s no fun!)

Shirt Fight "Shirts of the Future" tee

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