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Brand Profile: Duke & Winston

Duke & Winston is a Philadelphia based men’s casual clothing company. Founded in mid 2008, The aim of the brand is to refine the innovative and fashion forward trends that come out of streetwear to produce casual apparel for a more upscale market.

The target market are 25 – 32 year old, well educated, sophisticated males who appreciate the innovative, bold and risk taking elements found in streetwear style but do not identify with the reliance on violent imagery and unsubstantial pop culture references that the market is currently saturated with.

The vision behind Duke & Winston is to produce light casual apparel for this demographic by losing the negative and fad heavy aspects found in streetwear style while adding refinement, quality and substance in the process.

Inspiration for the company is drawn from the founder, Seun Olubodun’s experiences growing up in the UK, Africa and the United States. A majority of the ideas and concepts for Duke & Winston draw from this time spent overseas, but the line is overwhelmingly influenced by time spent growing up in England. Designs for the first few lines of printed apparel will focus heavily on imagery and references from world history, especially that of British and American. In order to keep in line with the light and casual nature of Duke & Winston, all designs will be very clean & simple, using color only as a means to enhance certain aspects of each design. This approach is in stark contrast to many top mainstream streetwear and casual brands that rely on an overabundance of colors and nonsensical imagery to sell their items.

To view Duke & Winston’s full collection, visit

Duke & Winston apparel


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