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ShirtFight Weekly Update

The winner of the $500 4/16 Shirt Fight “Miss Etti’s Birthday” is Alanis with his shirt “Geisha”, which is on sale this week for only $15 (6 bucks off regular price).

This week’s handpicked Top 10 Heavyweights for 4/16 can be found here.

This week’s NEW $500 Shirt Fight theme is “Shirts of the Future”:

In this week’s Shirt Fight, we take a trip to the FUTURE! The year is 2109…there are no more countries, everyone is ruled by a single dictator…a half clone/half cybernetic version of Abraham Lincoln. Colonies have been established on Mars and Pluto (which was re-identified as a planet in 2075). We can only assume that with the rapid technological advances humankind has achieved that we’ll have flying cars, robot best friends, and cyber implants 100 years from now. But what about fashion? Undoubtedly t-shirts are a timeless fashion staple, but what will they look like? Grab your hoverboard, flip the switch on your flux capacitor, and hit the top speed of 88mph…we need you to design what T-shirts look like in the FUTURE! (don’t ask me why I have to do future in all caps…I feel like Doc from Back to the Future hahah).

So head on over to and take advantage of their contests, free tee giveaways, gift certificates, and other weekly prizes!

ShirtFight "Geisha" tee

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