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ShirtFight Weekly Update

The winner of ShirtFight’s $500 3/26 Shirt Fight “Animal People” is Zipperking with his shirt “Spirit Quest” which is on sale this week for only $15 (6 bucks off regular price).

ShirtFight "Spirit Quest" tee

This week’s handpicked Top 10 Heavyweights for 3/27 can be found here.

Also, a reminder that ShirtFight’s new $500 Shirt Fight theme for this week is “El Presidente’s Birthday”. The Shirt Fight is simple: design something that El Presidente would like. Need a hint? Here’s a birthday wish list. gives away free tees, gift certificates, and other swell prizes every week during their OMIM (Oh Man, It’s Monday!) Tee Giveaway, and Free Tee Tuesday contests. So stay tuned!

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