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10.Deep: Spring 2009 Look Book

10.Deep: Spring 2009 Look Book

“These days, stamping yourself as a non-conformist has become as simple as asking a salesperson where they keep the colorful hoodies. Streetwear is easy: it’s been co-opted, compartmentalized, and placed neatly into labeled corners of every mall department store across America.

We’re not ones to remain stagnant, and for our Spring 2009 collection, we’ve taken cues from a time when street style was based on adopting the preppy sportswear brands of the penny loafer generation and injecting it with a large dose of swagger. The Delivery 1 Lookbook, titled “Nineteen Ninety-Now!” departs from our standard linear format, and features the 10.Deep crew and friends in a yearbook-styled gallery, complete with class photo in the gym.”


This delivery’s offering features a wide range of garments such as button-ups, modified fleece bodies, cardigans, and outerwear with graphic representations of an era where social consciousness and a sense of personal style were king.

The “Nineteen Ninety-Now!” Collection hits stores March 20th. Check and your local retailer for more information.

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