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Updates from Dyemond Apparel

Dyemond Apparel has recently undergone a major overhaul – different target audience, new vision, logo and different mission. Here is the official update from the brand:

Founded in 2007 by Ashley Brackins, DYEMOND APPAREL: A JEWEL AMONGST FIENDS is a tribute to all the style confident, around the way girls who shift from kicks to stiletto pumps without breaking a sweat or losing their sex appeal. Dyemond Apparel is an attitude, a swagger, that new shoe smell, the arch of an eyebrow, and the perfect shade of Lipstick to match your favorite Kicks. It’s feminine without being sugary sweet, street but never thug. A Dyemond girl is never scared to do her thing, but above all else, a Dyemond girl is ALWAYS a lady. Well, a lady with a sass mouth and mucho attitude, but a lady none the less!

Our mantra: “A Jewel Amongst Fiends”, speaks to the limited treasure trove of female street brands in an industry dominated by mens styles. Brands like Married to the MOB, and Hellz Bellz are strong examples of female streetwear brands doing their thing, and earning mad respect from the faithful following of women (and some men) who stalk their every move. Both ladies behind these brands inspire and motivate me to be my best.

Our mission: To empower all women (young and the young at heart) with the positive truth that you don’t have to be like the anorexic barbie dolls plastered on every magazine cover to be beautiful or sexy. Everyone has the capacity to be beautiful and sexy in their own way, and on their own terms.

Inspiration for each season comes from music, movies/films, and underground/popular culture. The New collection, “Lipstick and New Kicks”, is coming soon.

In addition, Dyemond Apparel has released their latest product: “Goldie” Shades. These vintage-inspired shades are just the right amount of bling for this holiday season, featuring top arm style, gold metal accented, hand-polished frames; UV400 protection and impact resistant lenses. Available in six colors: red, white, brown, purple, teal, and black. Head on over to Dyemond Apparel’s webstore to make a purchase!

Dyemond Apparel shades

Dyemond Apparel shades

Dyemond Apparel shades

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