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Brand Profile: Shirt Industries

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Shirt Industries, operated by Harlan and Lisa Peden, was founded in 2007. Their apparel is targeted towards people who love retro, or just wearing a shirt that’s different and unique, with a story of its own. The brand is always looking for inspiration in vintage things from the past, and uses those influences in creating new designs to share with everyone.

“I can remember the college days…You know, looking for cheap clothing…going to the local thrift store hoping to find something good for next to nothing. One item was always worth looking for…the old ratty tees in the back that were branded with some far-off obscure event that happened twenty years before I was even born; the shirt faded, the graphic peeling, and the interesting design so proudly displayed once, but now lost in a pile of old cotton. I have always loved vintage art. Whether it’s graphic illustrations, signs hanging in old antique shops, or advertisements in back dated issues of popular science. All of these have had profound influences on the direction of our designs at Shirt Industries.

I loved old shirts…so why not take that same idea and apply it to new shirts, taking that vintage style and randomness in graphics that don’t necessarily pertain to the individual but just look cool, interesting and unique. Let the masses wear and share to their heart’s content. Shirt Industries was born with that idea. Most of our work and designs have come strictly from our minds. Others are culminations of various designs. And for some, their origin remains a mystery…”

To get more info on Shirt Industries, visit their website at:

Here are some samples of their designs:

Shirt Industries tees

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  1. john
    20. Jul, 2009 at 9:43 am #

    Nice Shirts! Love the feel

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