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Vintage Clothing Limited Fall 2008 Drops + Lookbook

Vintage Clothing Limited introduces their latest drops for Fall ’08: “Art Addiction” – a premier cut & sew fitted hat, and “ROCKisSTEADY” – a tribute tee to the breakers culture. Both of these brand new items are Limited Edition, and feature hand-numbering on each piece, as well as a signed Certificate of Authenticity. This is your chance to grab some rare collector’s edition pieces of apparel. Snatch the new merchandise at Vintage Clothing Limited’s online webstore.

Included in the release is a new limited edition t-shirt titled “the ROCK is STEADY” which pays homage to the breaker culture, and features a 80’s color palette and era tag style with a unique twist on a familiar favorite. Each shirt comes with a special old school mix cd called “Breakers Only” hosted by Theory Hazit. Mix includes some breakers favorites from the classic hip-hop era to get you in the mood for some floor rockin pop-lockin headspins. The “Art Addiction” fitted is definitely set off nicely with a premium wool/poly blend for all-season wear and amazing attention to the details. No matter if your a graffiti writer, sketch artist, a painter, a poet painting imagery with your words or a journalist painting imagery with facts. Whether your a producer painting imagery with sounds and records, or an emcee using the mic as your brush. If your passionate about what you do then its safe to say your ‘addiction’ to your art is official. A fresh graphic depiction on a premium cap finishes off their fall collection and makes a great set.

View the Fall 2008 lookbook here.

Vintage Limited '08 Releases

Vintage Limited '08 Releases

Vintage Limited '08 Releases

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