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Brand Profile: 180ronin

180ronin logo

180ronin is an independent design studio located in NYC, directed by Jonas Jean. “Design is love”…that’s the motto. 180ronin is a team of designers who think outside the box. Regardless the project or task at hand, 180ronin creates and brings unorthodox designs to the masses, that demand to send a message or crave attention. From ninjas, robots to sexy pin-ups, those are just a few of the subjects that invigorate 180ronin’s imagination to generate interesting designs for your wearing and viewing pleasure. By not following the normal traditions of everyone and just doing what they love, 180ronin will travel from client to client, not to serve, but to execute whatever message he/she desires to display for the public eye. Design is love, and love is what 180ronin juxtaposes into their work.

For more info on 180ronin, visit their website at: You can also check out their full line of merchandise at: Here are some samples of 180ronin’s apparel:

180ronin tee 180ronin tee

180ronin tee
180ronin tee
180ronin tee
180ronin tee

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  1. vectorluvgirl98
    11. Oct, 2008 at 12:51 pm #

    Ha ha one word AWESOME!!! i love the designs I have to buy!!!!!

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