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Brand Profile: 3 Nail Riders

3 Nail Riders logo

3 Nail Riders is a brand that was founded in 2003 by Jay and Suz Gagnon. Based out of Puyallup, Washington, the company’s apparel represents the biblical accounts of Jesus dying on the cross, with the three nails holding him there. 3 Nail Riders also has a passion for boardsports, allowing them to celebrate life; and they credit Jesus Christ for all the stoke found in snowboarding, skating, surfing, and wakeboarding. In essence, the company provides a simple avenue to share the truth, and literally wear faith on the sleeve.

3Nail Riders hopes to dive into pop culture, with a clothing style that brings more than an empty label to fashion. Their desire is to integrate into the boarding industry, representing love for the sports, flare for style, and commitment to their faith.

To get more information on 3 Nail Riders, visit their website/myspace at:, and online webstore at:

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