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Clothing Wire Progress Update #4

Hey everyone. Today is yet another break from regular postings, in order to give you a progress update on how Clothing Wire is doing traffic-wise, and in terms of general growth. Today marks the end of May, and we look forward to what the future is bringing to the Clothing Wire project. As of yesterday, May 30th, Clothing Wire has featured 141 posts, covering information relating to 92 clothing brands. In addition, as of yesterday, we hit 3,196 unique visits for this month alone. That means in the 51 days since Clothing Wire was started, we have brought in over 4,875 visitors. This is an amazing success and we hope the website continues to grow along with its members.

I’d also like to take the time to thank all of the brands that have really expressed interest towards the website in general. Many have also provided our readers with special discounts and coupon codes on their apparel, and that is greatly appreciated.

As always, Clothing Wire loves hearing from our readers. Email us anytime, for any reason, whether it be a question, comment, criticism, or just to say “hey”. We’re here for you :). Continue spreading the word about our project, so that we together can connect clothing brands with apparel enthusiasts!

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