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Brand Profile: Retreat

Retreat Clothing logo

Retreat is a fresh and innovative, independent clothing brand founded in 2005, by Paul Sid. Based in the Industrial North East of UK, the company is highly influenced by everyday life, creation, Bruce Lee, Shaw Brothers, and 80’s movies. In addition, they also seek inspiration from graffiti, art/design/photography, and music.

The name “Retreat” first came about from the company’s own personal opinions, both politically and socially. They produce designs on some apparel which express personal feelings, and occasionally question international conflicts. Retreat’s final aim however, is not to preach, but to produce some fresh, original, and powerful clothing.

To get more information on Retreat, visit their website at: (link to webstore on site), and myspace at:

Retreat Clothing shirt Retreat Clothing shirt
Retreat Clothing shirt Retreat Clothing shirt

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