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Brand Profile: Origin68

Origin68 logo

Origin68 is a company based in Manchester, that ran their first shirt off the presses in May of 2007. As t-shirt fanatics themselves, the employees of the brand stay away from the never-ending array of designs spouting the same old, corporate bobbins. Instead, they create apparel which allows someone to express a response to their environment, surroundings, and society. Origin68 sees apparel not only as a fashion statement, but a definition of who someone is.

Origin68 has a small team of designers that work around the clock. At the moment, the company is focusing on developing and increasing their t-shirt range and getting stocked in some small, independent stores. However in the fullness of time, the brand hopes to expand into other areas of design.

To get more information on Origin68, visit their website at: (webstore also at main site), and myspace at:

Origin68 shirt

Origin68 shirt

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