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Brand Profile: AnmlHse

AnmlHse logoAnmlHse, owned by Jonathan Francois, Kareem Falber, and Cornell Smith, is a brand based in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia. The company is operated by 10-15 members specializing in different departments, at any one time. And because of it’s location, the brand is able to experience many different cultures, and draw influences from some of the country’s largest resources of art.

The concept of AnmlHse was formed in early 2006, when a group of artistic individuals decided to merge their backgrounds of web design, fashion design, music production, comic illustration, and more, into one project. By Fall of 2007, the company was in full effect, and gaining the respect of many within their community.

Since the brand’s initial conception, AnmlHse has helped many people to appreciate various aspects of art to a higher degree. By expanding their line, featuring work in local art shows, and continuing with studies in the arts, they hope to continue to educate people through the various work they do.

You can check out AnmlHse at their website:

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