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Beautiful/Decay Ultimate Grab-Bag Promotion

Beautiful/Decay is having an awesome t-shirt grab-bag promotion at a bargain price too low to pass up. For the standard $24.95 price of a single shirt, you’ll be able to receive THREE randomly selected shirts, pulled from any of the artist-based designs and brands featured on their website, including the popular Beautiful/Decay Artist’s Series line. That’s basically $8 a shirt! There’s always a chance you might receive two of the same design, but with a deal like this, there’s just no room to complain. So head on over to the Beautiful/Decay grab-bag page, and take a gamble. You won’t regret it.

Here’s just a small sampling of shirts available for the Mystery Grab-Bag. Many additional designs are being added every single day.

Beautiful/Decay grab-bag shirts

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