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Fred Perry – the original sportswear icon

Although it’s common now to see sports stars designing street wear collections it wasn’t always the case. Forget David Beckham and Freddie Flintoff, back in the 1940’s, three times Wimbledon Champion Fred Perry was ahead of his time. He was one of the first sports champions to realise he could create a clothing brand based around his personality.

Incredibly, Fred Perry’s slim fitting cotton t-shirts have remained popular with fashion conscious young men for decades. The instantly recognisable laurel wreath logo, which first appeared in the 1950s, has managed to withstand the normally fickle world of fashion. It is still prominent today in their latest collections and has added to the longevity of the brand identity. Subtle in design and always using the best quality materials Fred Perry remains a popular choice for any street wear wardrobe.

So what is it that’s made this iconic British brand a success over the last 60 years? Right from the start this classic t-shirt was a hit with outsider youth groups with a passion for music. Incredibly forward thinking, Fred Perry recognised the powerful link between fashion and music. He created a credible collection which led to an influential group of musicians and designers wearing his clothes at high profile events.

An edgy group of fans began wearing his clothes and a “uniform” developed with Fred Perry being a core item of male youths across the UK. From mods, skinheads, soul boys, two tones and rude boys they all found something appealing in the Fred Perry collection. Perhaps it was the simplicity of design, the fit of the t-shirts and the high street accessibility which made it a must-have brand to be seen in. Whatever the secret of this urban brand it’s managed to stay at the top of the fashion world for over 60 years.

In the 1990s Brit Pop become a leader on the international music scene. Bands like Oasis and Blur naturally opted to wear items from this cool British brand when playing their gigs. As street fashion grew in popularity the Fred Perry collections continued to attract attention. Many stars sought to blend high end designers with high street brands like Fred Perry, to create a new trend in male fashion.

Keen to expand on the association with innovators, Fred Perry expanded their collections and teamed up with hot new fashion talent like Richard Nicholl to create limited editions that would be worn by stars around the world.

Three things remain true to the Fred Perry brand over 60 years since its launch; the iconic laurel wreath logo, the association with upcoming bands and designers and it’s accessibility via high street stores. The latest collection can be seen here at Fred Perry Debenhams.

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