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Men’s Graphic Tees, an urban social take on men’s fashion


Graphic Tees are taking the men’s fashion line by storm, hot this spring is urban graphic prints. Urban Outfitters has a range of prints that are flying off the shelf, so for all you men who want to bring out the animal instinct in you why not put on the Altru Animal Print Stripe Tee. The Altru Animal Print Stripe Tee is bold in design, a colourful block of animal prints on a grey t-shirt and can easily be matched with other clothing colours. If you are sporting the tattoo trend the tee looks awesome on a tattooed body, the clothing design blends into the body art design well.

If you are looking to show your appreciation through graphic designs then go out there and be socially bold. Social media awareness has become widely popular, more and more people connect through social networking sites and exchange information and share their likes with one another. Do you love New York New York too, the big apple that is NYC? Then show your appreciation with the funky social media take on fashion, using the “Like” button design to express your appreciation. The “I LIKE NY” design looks trendy and fresh with what is socially popular right now. The graphic tee from Urban Outfitters comes in white with the “Like” design in classic Facebook blue. It’s time to get marketing your likes with your clothing choice!


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