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Urban Natured Clothing

“Urban Natured is street-wear clothing line that began on the summer of 2011. My brother and I started the clothing line from scratch, where he would handle the sales and promotions and I would focus on the concept and designs. I had a couple of designs ready before the initial launch, but I wanted to make sure that whatever I put out was going to define who we are as a clothing line. We wanted to give good first impressions that would interest our followers and leave them wondering what our line might be dropping next.

When the first t-shirts launched, we were still working on the concept of the clothing line. We wanted to come up with something that people would want to be a part of. So we gave birth the City Raised Group as a way to bring the urban culture together. CRG is basically everyone who supports us in any way possible. To be a part of CRG means that you encourage the rise of a movement that defines the fashion based styles that are commonly found in an urban setting.

The concept of our clothing line generalizes the idea of being raised in an urban area and defines a group of individuals who embrace style and city fashion. To be urban-natured means to hold certain qualities that are common in an urban area and describes an individual as a “city kid” anywhere where they are presented. Urban Natured Clothing is born to reestablish the meaning of urban culture and cure those suffering from dead fashion.

Twitter: @UNclothing

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