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AAITSKI! Clothing Brand

Once upon a time….

On a bright and illustrious day, a young lad who went by the name of Kingseys, took to designing in a most naïve and child like manner. And he saw that it was good.One sleepless night, a little dark prince known throughout as The Knight Writer, e-magined kitties and cows, girlies and miaows. And hesmelled that it was good. And when night turned into day, these two coolios took to bathing, butthe water was burning hot and both screamed: “AAITSKI!”

A brotherhood was born…..

Soon enough, The Aaitski! Bros. grew into early manhood. And so,with the dawning of peach fuzz on the horizons of upper lips, it was decided to launch a coolafied brand of T-shirts through that great, big,world wide web. Little blighters could wear them and old tossers too! And rockers, and rollers, and people happy or blue! And all could choose from three categories: ‘Boys & Girls’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Vehicles’.

It remains to be said: the sweat hit the fan… so you might want to getone, while you still can.



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