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I decided to create the brand Vaughn de Heart after my senior year of College. During my senior year I made a shirt for a fraternity I was president of, this college was in Washington State. Then a year later I was walking around a mall in Southern California wearing the shirt I had made and I ran into a guy who was wearing the same shirt. This guy had nothing to do with the fraternity and had bought my shirt from a thrift store. The odds for he and myself to be wearing the same shirt that I had created the one and only day we would pass by each other was too much. After that I decided to start my brand.


Even prior to that incident I was thinking of creating my own brand. I had made quite a few shirts and I knew I enjoyed it. But I was too scared to begin. But after that event at the mall in southern California I finally had it. Then I released my first shirt. It reads, “Les gens courageux” which is French for “The fearless ones” because I had conquered my biggest fear which was starting a clothing brand. Therefore I am now fearless. Vaughn de Heart is an experiment in courage. I love inspirational quotes and authors. For a year and a half I email and text quotes 6 days a week to my closest friends. After reading thousands of quotes it seems like many of their messages boil down to this. If you love what you are doing and work hard at it, it will become a success. Authors from centuries ago up to today have restated this principle thousands of ways. Vaughn de Heart is my testing of their wisdom.

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