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Sick Kids Clothing Company

‘The Sick Kids Clothing Company was established in South London during the Summer of 2009 by myself, Kelly Jackson aka Jackson Kid, one third of comedy female rap group The Sick Kids, & my sister Lele[SPEAKS], another third of The Sick Kids rap group as well as a published solo artist through EMI Records.

The Sick Kids concept was inspired by our love of street fashion and music, from hip-hop sportswear to punk rock studs and denim… from cartoons, Disney, and comedy to horror, TV, the news, film, the 80’s and 90’s, toys, photography, churches, graveyards, junk food, crooked teeth and Rosehill Council Estate. Starting out with a heat press and some transfer paper, I sold my hand-made shirts on MySpace while promoting them online and at our live shows. Myself and Lele[SPEAKS] then went on to get our designs professionally screen printed, and since then we have been building The Sick Kids brand by launching the online store and expanding the range to include Hoodies, Vest Tops, and now customised denim! The Sick Kids Clothing Company continues to grow and evolve as we continue to be inspired by the music we make and all the things that we’re influenced by; to be sick and to spread the sickness!’ Find out more about The Sick Kids here:


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