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Stay Vocal T Shirts

At STAY VOCAL, we set ourselves apart from other apparel brands by not printing on new garments, rather rescued t-shirts, giving them a second life. This has enabled us to become Green America certified, which is pretty awesome. Not only do the reused t-shirts speak for themselves, but they also act as canvases for artists and their designs.

Our newest addition is the Eyelid T-Shirt, the first in a new series entitled, “Artist’s Voice.” Each month, we hold a design contest based around a specific theme or concept and artists are encouraged to “stay vocal” through their artwork. The winning design is then chosen by our online community. By making this a limited edition shirt and offering it strictly as a preorder, only the shirts that sell will be printed, keeping waste to a minimum. This specific design is featured on the reverse side of brand new t-shirts that were originally set to be destroyed.

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