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JAQK Apparel New Summer Line

JAQK Apparel, an independent clothing label based out of Portland, Maine, has just released our exciting new Summer Line for 2010. The eight piece line embodies the JAQK summer spirit of beaches, ice cream, and a shared pride for the great state of Maine.

At JAQK we also pride ourselves on our use of 100% USA produced products, everything from conception, to materials, to printing. We’re committed to good times, lasting memories, and the company of all. We hope that the release of the Summer Line helps spread these ethics and our love of the many summers spent in the Northeast.

With that in mind, we invite you to fire up those charcoal grills, head down to the beach, and start soaking in that Vitamin D. Enjoy the summer, whatever plans you may have, and wherever your travels may take you. Drop us a line or text at (347) 469-0637, or shoot us an email at or visit

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