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Springleap latest winner

Springleap’s winning design for our “What you Got?” competition is “All we are is energy” by sebasebi. For this competition designers were asked to show Springleap their creativity on their own terms. Springleap wanted to put innovation to the test, challenging the designers to show what lurked beyond their imagination and to ultimately BRING IT!

Popular demand brought about the decision to introduce an open theme competition. Moving away from Springleap’s regular themed competitions, they hoped to spark more creativity from their designers in this competition. And that is exactly what they got! The response was amazing, the proof lying in the “out of this world” winning design. The Argentinean designer, sebasebi, had this to say about his design: “ …we are all beings of energy….that common energy…. is never destroyed…. it is merely transferred from one thing to the next…” His design was very well-received by the community, making him a clear winner for the “What you Got?” competition.

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