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Springleap Announce Winner

Springleap’s latest winner has just been announced. The wining design for the Justice League themed competition is ‘Rabobi Rabobi’ by WolFox. For the Justice League competition, Springleap asked it’s community for their interpretation of the Justice League translated into a funky t-shirt design that everyone out there would love to wear. Designers were asked to use the core members of the Justice League as inspiration. Through a design, Springleap wanted designers to show who they identified with. What they got was a design inspired by Rabobi- the South African version of Spiderman- as he is represented in an alternate reality, and what he symbolises in ours. Rabobi is seSotho: ‘Ra’ means ‘mister’ or ‘man’ and ‘Bobi’ means ‘webs’ ie. ‘Mister Webs’.

This design was the clear winner in the competition. It harks back to times past and allows us to reminisce, and flaunt our own inner superhero. Well done to WolFox. I’m sure this T-shirt will be a bestseller. WolFox lends this quote to his design:  Rabobi ba ya gona Dr. Octopus left right iGreen Goblin uppercut KO one time”

One Response to “Springleap Announce Winner”

  1. Amy
    06. May, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    Woohooo! Love this t-shirt – Rabobi is certainly nostalgic for many South Africans, Rabobi was a Xhosa spiderman shown on a local tv channel.

    I didn’t expect this design to win a Justice League Competition but now that it has i absolutely love it!

    Simple yet effective – nice one Clothingwire!

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