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For Immediate Release 19/10/10

T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt) recently launched their Spring 2 collection, which features another round of highly anticipated designs and clever phrases that leave you wondering what will the brand come up with next? As with many of the T.I.T.S. collections, this season features new additions to the Wifey series and adds new elements to the line up including classic hip-hop references, notable collaborations, and the combination of illustration with photography into its designs.

 “Spring 2 was made to satisfy the cravings that every man and woman has” says Marek Grubel founder of T.I.T.S. Brand. With that said this collection has a variety of concepts that are sure to keep you coming back and wanting more.”

 The first release of Spring 2 is now available and the second release is scheduled to be launched on Thursday April 22 on FEATURED DESIGNS INCLUDE Good Wife – Kimbyr Leigha shows what every husband needs in his life Karma Is A Bitch – follow up collab tee with Karmaloop featuring Kelly Karloff Bonita Applebum – a mouth watering design with a hip hop reference to the Tribe Called Quest classic Falcon – a woman using falconry to pursue her hunt Antidote – this pill can counteract with any poison

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