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Malph – Summer 2010 Collection

Never heard of Malph? It’s the new brand that drives mad youths and lovers of streetwear. Entrusted to the creative genius of Luca Gregorio,”enfant prodige” of the Italian streetwear, product is innovative and outside the scheme of casual-sport wear.

In the last seasons Malph developed distribution in the best stores at national level and now prepares to increase in print and on-line communication. Enclosed please find some pictures of the upcoming Malph summer 2010 season for possible articles. Malph strength is the research and the application on sweatshirt of the most unusual materials like wrapping tapes, pieces of sofa or ice skates, synthetic grass, rubbish bags, mosquito nets, anti-shock 1000 bubbles, road network.

 Inspiration is the common everyday life: ideas come strolling stores or supermarkets, yards, factories, homes of friends, local markets. Nothing Malph is equal to the others. Malph is the natural inclination in a world too rigid and standard, and why even the logo is slightly tilted! The recycling idea comes from two different needs: the first one is to use materials that are easily recognizable, to be found almost at zero cost and so special to give an added value to the article itself, the second one is to participate, even if minimally, to the cause of reuse and planet safeguard.

Some anticipation on next summer: we used the material of inflatable sea boats, some erotic magazine from 60’s and many pieces of scotch!

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